Tuesday 7 June 2016

Random encounters

I spend an awful lot of my time going out looking for specific birds, mammals, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies.  I have a library of books that I use for my research, site guides, species field guides, calendars, and piles of information leaflets I pick up everywhere I go. I use the internet, reading blogs and checking Twitter to get the latest news on what can be seen where.

Despite all of this, some of the most exciting encounters are totally random. Today was one of those days.

I've been out looking for Holly Blue butterflies several times now, in parks and graveyards, without any success. Today was a lovely sunny day but I couldn't get out any where because I was spending the day with my youngest son at my dad's. We were enjoying tea and toast in his back garden when a Holly Blue flew right over my head into the neighbouring garden. A few minutes later it came back around past us for another look. I couldn't believe my luck!

Later on we popped down the road for a bit of shopping in Sainsbury's and I found my first Angle Shades moth, a really lovely specimen, sitting on the side of a litter bin on the main road.

Two wonderful little insects I couldn't have planned to see, but which really made my day.

Then we picked the other two kids up from school and went wild at the beach!

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